Friday, July 10, 2009

Shameless Advertising

I was just sitting thinking how to get more people to read this blog. Tags sometimes work, depending on your content, Google will steer folks to your site. So looking at Google's search queries and seeing what gets the most search requests, I give you this little interjection. It means nothing, but sure got people here. You are reading it aren't you? Please enjoy, read and check out my vids and pics. Hit the tip jar if you feel so inclined. A penny says you we go...


There, let's see what that does.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'll try to make this as vague as possible.

Now I know I signed a paper upon my hiring at Company "X" that I wouldn't blog or do any "social networking" about the company in a disparaging way, so I'll try to keep this as vague as possible:

My wife works at the same company ("X") that I do, but in another district. We aren't allowed to work in the same store or district. I don't have a problem with that, the problem lies with her district manager.

My wife won awards back home and recognition from the President of Store Operations for the excellent job she does. She took a backwards store and turned it into the top store in her district. She had her pick of jobs and chose South West Florida to live by the beach. She has busted her heiney to get where she is and I'm in awe, really.

So, upon arrival at this store which was deemed in dire need of help because of past indiscretions of managers, the place was a wreck, the employees had been trained by a moron, and hence, the place was running on fumes, as it were.

Enter my wife. She cracked down on them, and still is, trying to re-train these people. They aren't morons, well, some are, but they are quitting when they realize she isn't about to let them continue slacking the way they have been for a long time.

The store looks to me 100% better than when she arrived two months ago. But this district manager, who, by the way, has never spent one minute as a store manager. Just goes "by the book", even when that book doesn't apply to the situation at hand.

I really want to "stomp a mudhole in his a**" as they say back in Kentucky, but that really wouldn't solve anything.

All I know is this: My wife used to love her job. She had creative outlet in merchandising her products and it worked! She turned a loser store into a multimillion dollar winner. She bonused in the top tier every time. Now, she dreads going in. This District Manager keeps her so torn up about this and that, that she is ready to pack up and leave. I won't let him beat her. If he does...well, I'll leave it at that. Glad to vent in your collective ears, blogmates. I don't even know if anyone ever reads these, but it's good to get it off my chest, I suppose. Toodles, all.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pennies from Heaven?

Well hello again, bloglings. I'm getting settled in the new Southern Digs, and it's turning out ok, so far. I was doing the 3rd shift clerking thing, but the hours were cut and being new man in, so was I. But...if they hadn't done that, I would have been sleeping instead of job hunting and bagged a lower management retail job. Much closer to home, and it's something I have some backup on in case I get stuck with something. Same company as my wife, she's a GM in another district, so I have a sounding board when things get a little sniggly.
So, in a nutshell, we've moved into a humble abode, and doing OK for the moment. Decent jobs, so maybe we can climb out of this financial hole we've dug into for the moment. We'll see ya soon, blog-mates!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a while...

I haven't posted in a while, faithful reader(s), but here's the skinny on what's goin' down on my side of the mudball...

My wife and I have moved to Florida...still in the hotel at this time, but it's not too expensive whilst the apartment/house search continues...Wifey's getting established in her transferred position from KY, and I've been job hunting. I have gotten one today that should be a money source until something better hits from the apps and resumes I have out there. But FT. Myers has about eighteen percent unemployment right now, so I had better be thankful for the one I have and not get greedy, I suppose.

Anyhoo, that's me in a nutshell for the time being. I'll try to be more "post-y" in the coming weeks and let you know what's going down in SeaPhoenix's world. TTFN

Tuesday, January 20, 2009