Friday, February 29, 2008

I was tired....

The presidential quote below should have read: "As bad as this world is with religion, can you imagine the jungle it would be without it?" I claim fatigue on the error...sorry folks...back to it this morning, have a good day in the blogosphere, where the weather's always sunny and folks say "Hello" when they meet...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh yeah, now I remember...

Well blogsters, if you remember the last post, I was about to start the "new" old job back...forgot why I had left...*smacks forehead*. Forgot about the right-wing extremism. The last time I worked for him he literally asked me, and get me ACLU on the phone, if I was a Christian. It's one of those things where you ask yourself, "If I answer 'no', for instance if I were Muslim or a Jew, what would the outcome of the interview be? Do you just keep it under your hat and just smile and nod because you need the money? I know, legally, he can't ask you that question, but the way this guy is, he wouldn't hire you if you weren't. He has speakers up all over the store that play the local religious radio station constantly and he WILL NOT let you change the channel, ever. I really don't know what to do in those type of situations but the smile and nod. Am I a Christian? I once was, I'm in the open-minded state of being right now. As a past president, whose name escapes me at the moment, once said, and I'm paraphrasing a bit: "As bad as this world is with religion, can you imagine what a jungle it would be without it?" Just don't presume I'm a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, or if I worship the Holy Banana Tree on Monkey Island...(edit: check out for my spoof) I'm there to make product, sell it and go home at the end of the night, hopefully a bit richer. There, rant complete...

Nose to the grindstone...

Well, it's back to work this morning after about a 2 week hiatus. Just couldn't bear the last job after the General Manager quit and the owner's son took over the operations. He is just such a tool. He is addled by drugs and alcohol and is just a terrible person to be around. They asked me to step up to GM, but I just didn't want that job with those here I was, back on the job market, but an old employer stepped up and offered me a managerial position where I used to work, so it's back in the saddle. I'm headed out this morning, I'll post later how it went...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Giving credit where it's due...

Looks like the author of "Grandfather Oak" is someone named's the link:

And now for something completely different...

Well, I'm going to get all existential on yer arses...I've got some poetry, some are mine, some aren't, I'll let you know the without further ado..."The House" and it's mine:

The House

Walking thru the woods one night
I happened on a house,
No fire burned, no lights were on
It was as quiet as a mouse.

It seemed no one had lived there
for quite a long, drawn spell.
The bushes long neglected,
the green grass long as well.

Who had lived inside these walls
No bigger than a shack?
The lives it sheltered called to me
My mind went racing back...

Who were the children long ago,
playing on the swinging tire?
Whose hands, cold with frost
Were warmed around the fire?

What joys and sorrows came and went
in this house upon the hill?
I have no answer to this question
And perhaps I never will.

It's secrets hidden to me
Beneath these scraps of tar and wood.
For time has shadowed all it's past
Beneath it's velvet hood.

As I leave this quiet place,
It's secrets still to know
I feel a little sadness
For these long forgotten souls.

Well, there you go on that one...Let's keep things going with my very own "Brick by Brick"...psychological evaluations in the comments,

Brick by Brick

I build my wall, brick by brick
Never too high, never too thick.
There are no doors to get inside
Because in here, I try to hide.

Walls are hard to build
When you try to build alone
But it seems that they're the strongest
For it is our mind's home.

These walls aren't made of stone,
No mortar holds them fast
But imaginary walls
Are the one's that are built to last.

And sometimes someone comes along
Tall enough to look inside,
So I build my wall even higher,
So inside I can hide

Will one day someone come along
To chip away my stones?
For I fear all they will find inside
Are my cold and lonely bones.

Well, there you go, my emo moment for the day...Smoke break anyone? No? Good, let's press on...let's hear from the "Night Hunter" from my tweested mind....

Above the trees he soars
in the cold, night air
Leather wings beat thickly
stirring the fallen leaves.

He lands upon the craggy rock twin curls
of smoke plume from his nose.
Shepherds in the valley below
Backs to a log, drifting off
Oblivious to the eyes upon them
Hungrily staring at the herd.

Finally the moment arrives
Leaping from the precipice
Wings outstretched, eyes focused
The only thing betraying him is
The rush of air over his wings

One sheep raises it's ears
To a sound bred in him to fear
A plaintive cry escapes from him
as he is lifted to the heavens.

Forever silenced in the
Massive jaws of the beast.

Quiet reigns again in the glade
Shepherds hurrying the flock
His hunger sated, he returns home
Until next he feeds...

Lock up the sheep! That one was a little weird, but I've got a book full of these things and I'm a-posting them...Here's my "Ocean Blue"...

Ocean blue
Lapping at the shore
timeless in age
Secrets hidden in your depths

What grand life
you harbor in your busom
what hidden treasures
do you have yet to reveal?

All things spring from you
Watched over by Poseidon
Does our future lie within you
As surely as our past?

My toes have only dipped
into your glory
Many answers
can I question...

Keeping the ball rolling, here's my "Mother Earth"...

Celestial Orb
Spinning slowly
Dynamic sphere
Hurtling thru the ether

Ball of life
Mother to us all
We dig into her
She cries out in pain

She will gather her strength
Heal herself
Or simply shrug us off like a pest
Time will tell...

My fingers are falling off...but finally, here's one that isn't my original, author unknown, but I like's called "Grandfather Oak"'s kind of pagan-y, but I'm open minded, are you?

Grandfather Oak

Rooted deep in Mother Earth
The oak guards the circle
A great one in a grove of natives
Standing tall and proud and wise.

He has seen much, season after season,
He has captured the rain
Danced in the breeze,
Recovered from the flames of a runaway bonfire.

Regenerated limbs and leaves
His spine is bent, but solid
His strength is unsurpassed

He is the watcher in the night
He has borne witness to our rites
Drank of our wine Partaken of our smoke
Trusted us with his mysteries

He has been a refuge for
A nest of newborns,
A multitude of spiders and webs
A staghorn fern as wide as his span
An orphan squirrel with tiger eyes.

Grandfather Oak, we honor thee
And all your cousins in distant forests
Old growth holds ancient wisdom
Rooted deep in Mother Earth..

Well, that's it for today...enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funny Cats...

I love this icanhascheezburger site...just had to make one for their contest...hope you like it....
crazy, funny pix
More on the online Poker Cats Contest

Vote on that one for me...Vegas would be nice...and warm...cold and snowy right now...wind gusting up to 35-40 mph...just nasty out there.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Once upon a time...

First blogging attempt, in here anyway...I don't feel I have a very interesting life for anyone to be entertained by it, but I suppose it takes all types for the world to spin 'round.
Won't be a very long post today, just trying to set things up...