Thursday, May 1, 2008

Huzzahs and random strangeness...

First off, good wishes to K at ksquest. She's having a devil of a time with MRSA. Just send her some good thoughts. She's a heck of a lady. Now for the random strangeness...just some weird pics, I'm in that sort of mood. Enjoy. Language is a little racy, but sometimes my computer makes me feel that way...

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pepektheassassin said...

SeaPhoenix, hi! I am also a friend of K. She's a good lady, and she sent me a big box of mangoes from her tree last summer.

I am sorry that your experiences with the "fledgling" LDS church were not good ones. People everywhere are about the same I think. Most are honest and good, but there are always some bad apples in the basket. Some years I paid no tithing, some part, and for the last 15 years or so, full. During that time I've lived in several places in two states, and no one EVER came to tell me I wasn't paying enough. That guy was a bad apple, and most bad apples spread their rotten stuff to other apples around them.

Re: polygamy--I think it was useful back in the early days when they were coming west, and women alone had no means of support. I think it was discontinued at a good time, when Utah was looking toward statehood (and believed in honoring obeying and sustaining the law). I truly value my church membership. It's the best thing in my life--along with my kids and grandkids!

That said, I think consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want to do in private. Child abuse is a terrible thing, and those who do it under any pretext ought to be in jail.

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